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L’Archipel  Hotel  on Praslin Adopts Solar to Save Energy
by STB

As consumers demand more eco-friendly vacation choices, L’Archipel Hotel on Praslin, has responded by being an energy-efficient and carbon friendly resort.

The Beach resort situated at Anse Governement Praslin, recently installed the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System, marking the hotel’s initial step towards generating clean and renewable solar power.

This system will generate about 20% off all the power needs of L’Archipel Hotel, during the highest daily peak demand hours. 

The property installed 240 Solar PV panels in phase one; 120 panels on the roof of the main pavilion and 120 panels on the car park, which will absorb the sun’s rays resulting in cooler temperatures in the space beneath.

To date, L’Archipel Hotel is the single largest hotel user of PV in Seychelles. The systems will generate about 108,800 kWh per year from the sun. Over the 10 year, it will generate over 1,250,000 kWh, saving 314 metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions.

This project has been passionately driven by Mr D’Offay, the owner of L’Archipel Hotel with support from his team.  Mr D’Offay explained that the electricity produced by solar panels is completely clean; no harmful elements are released into the environment. “Using solar PV power helps our community by reducing electricity demand and providing additional electricity for the grid when you produce more than you use during the day, when the demand is highest.” He added.

The PV panels are made in the USA by SunPower, manufacturer of one of the most reliable and efficient solar panels on the market.

Already the hotel has installed Energy Management System (EMS) in all its rooms, reducing 30%, saving off the in room air conditioning energy consumption. All the newly refurbished rooms have been installed with efficient LED lighting reducing the rooms lighting demands by 80%. The property has also successfully implemented phase one of the biotechnology cleaning with the short term goal to reduce chemical usage to 10% within the next 6 months. This initiative will have another positive impact to the environment and the health of their guests and staff. Lastly, the hotel is also using various Ozone technologies for safe bacterial cleaning of food cutlery, cookery to provide a bacteria free environment in the kitchens, whilst dramatically reducing chemical and energy usage in the kitchen by over 50%.

It must be noted that Pace Seychelles has worked closely with the team at L’Archipel Hotel in auditing the energy consumption of the property to prepare a short, medium and long term strategy for implementing these initiatives.