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Mauritius Beachcomber representatives meet Seychelles Tourism Minister
by STB

The General Manager of the Seychelles Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort, Norbert Couvreur, the Commercial Director of the Beachcomber Hotels Group of Mauritius, Robert de Speville, and General Manager of the Le Canonnier Hotel and of the Le Mauricia Hotel of Mauritius Francois Venin, met the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, at his offices at the National Cultural Centre in Victoria, recently.

(left to right) Francois Venin, Robert de Speville, Minister St.Ange and Norbert Couvreur
When he welcomed the Commercial Director of the Beachcomber Hotels Group and his delegation the Seychelles Minister said that he managed his Ministry with an open door policy and that he was all happy to see tourism trade members and discuss matters pertaining to their very own establishment.

The Beachcomber Hotels Delegation wanted to get the Minister's impression on the tourism industry's performance for 2014 onwards and to be updated on air connectivity, new hotel developments etc. The Beachcomber Delegation also wanted to keep the Minister responsible for Tourism in Seychelles on plans for Beachcomber's Sainte Anne Resort.

"We have Mr Venin, with us as he worked with Norbert Couvreur in the past so that together they can present the list of things to do to further upgrade the Sainte Anne Resort to give it a new wow Effect from stepping on the Victoria Marine National Park island of Sainte Anne," said Mr De Speville.

Discussions on getting the Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort to become a partner hotel of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Organisation was also on the meeting’s agenda.

The Vanilla Islands Group already has Constance Hotels – the Mauritius Hotel Group with hotels in the region – as one of its partner hotels. 

The Seychelles Tourism Industry has been performing well since President James Michel personally relaunched the industry five years ago and launched the 'Seychelles Brand' of Tourism which saw the appeal for the Seychellois to claim back their tourism industry by being themselves more involved than before and to move to have culture, and in so doing the people of Seychelles as the base in the marketing of Seychelles.

This approach by Seychelles has been working well for the islands recording growth in visitor arrival numbers to be over three times the population of Seychelles and where last year the islands had a record in yield from the tourism industry.