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Kenya Airways announces 4th flight to Seychelles
by STB

Kenya Airways Seychelles has added a fourth frequency on the Seychelles route since the beginning of July 2013.

This extra flight will last for two months from July to August 2013, which means the airline is now flying to Seychelles out of Nairobi on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The flight gives more flight options and connectivity to the loyal and esteemed clients of the airline and also bring Seychelles closer, not only to other parts in Africa but also to Europe, in which it has a code share agreement with Air France and KLM.

To note, Kenya Airways has been operating flights to the Seychelles for the past 37 years and despite the many challenges and obstacles, it is the only international airline which has served the longest number of years on the route and is constantly looking into new ways to enhance its ability to bringing more tourists into Seychelles.

Minister Alain St Ange, the Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture, has welcomed the extra seasonal flight by Kenya Airways.

"We appreciate the support by Kenya Airways. They have been a loyal and trusted partner through thick and thin. We value their presence in the list of our favoured airlines and assure them of our total support,” said Minister St Ange said.