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Italy's Woman & Bride magazine highlights the beauty of Seychelles
by STB


The Woman & Bride magazine of Italy has dedicated four pages to the beauty of Seychelles and to the special attractions of these mid-ocean islands, as the ultimate in honeymoon destinations.

The magazine is the sought-after people's magazine of Italy and one that retains a strong following among new brides looking for the eventual destination for their own honeymoon.

This issue talks about the recent wedding in Seychelles of Alessandro Pindilli, the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador in Italy. Mr Pindilli is a Seychellois who currently resides in Italy and manages a respected modelling agency in Milan with a branch in Russia.

The issue also carries several pictures of the islands, capturing the physical beauty of the destination.

As a honeymoon destination, Seychelles has attracted the most exclusive couples from around the world, amongst them Prince William and Kate from the UK to the Princess from Sweden, who is reported to have chosen Seychelles only recently to spend her honeymoon.