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Sports and Travel magazine puts Seychelles in the forefront
by STB

Seychelles has received centre-spread coverage in the Sports and Travel magazine.

Entitled “There be Giants”, the article takes readers to Seychelles’ small granitic island of Curieuse, close to the north coast of Praslin, and explores its magnificent giant tortoise population and endemic flora of the Coco-de-mer.

The Vallee de Mai, one of Seychelles’ UNESCO world heritage sites, also gets recognition with its natural attributes and photos of the world biggest nut. Mario Rosario, publisher of the Sports and Travel magazine, describes Vallee de Mai as a “must-see world heritage site”, indulging the readers into the myth of the “Garden of Eden” and its endemic Coco-de-mer palm forest.

Stepping foot on Curieuse’s “powder-soft sand beaches’’, Mario says this leads you gently into the calm clear water which is protected by the reef.

The writer also charms the readers with the spectacular swimming and snorkeling spots on Curieuse island, outlining that “Curieuse is an excellent place to dive although the best sites are coral gardens”.

“The island’s giant tortoises and nesting site for endangered hawksbill turtles offer a magnificent picture of the island rich diversity of rare species,” he says.

The Seychelles Tourism Board had worked endlessly to get Seychelles into the Sports and Travel magazine. A copy of the June-July 2013 issue which features Seychelles, was presented to the outgoing CEO of the tourism board, Elsia Grandcourt, at the 26th edition of the International Travel Expo in Hong Kong last month.

“The Seychelles Tourism Board welcomes such support and initiatives that goes to add to the various advertising means used to further showcase Seychelles to the world,’’ said Mrs Grandcourt.