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L’Archipel goes green
by STB

After two years of planning, Hotel L’Archipel on Praslin island has taken the initiative to “Go Green” by implementing numerous renewable energy solutions with a positive impact to the environment and aimed at improving guest effort.

The project has been passionately driven by its General Manager, Mr Louis D’Offay, with wonderful support from his team. Pace Seychelles, a local company, has worked closely with the team at L’Archipel in auditing the energy consumption at the property to prepare a short, medium and long term strategy for implementing the following green initiatives:

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

All refurbished rooms have been installed with Inncom’s EMS Systems with intelligent occupancy detection to control the rooms’ energy consumption in rented and unrented states.

Guest comfort has been improved, condensation and humidity dramatically reduced whilst achieving a 30% saving of the in-room air-conditioning energy consumption.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

The property is currently installing 244 Solar PV Panels in Phase One with an annual production of over 108 000kWh which saves about 28,850 liters of diesel fuel annually.

LED Lighting

All refurbished rooms have been installed with efficient LED lighting reducing the rooms lighting demand by 80%. Phase two of converting the property to LED lighting will be the installation of the entire garden with Exlite Solar LED Lights.

Innu-Science Biotechnology Cleaning - Green Cleaning

The property has successfully implemented phase one of biotechnology cleaning with the short term goal to reduce chemicals usage to 10% within the next 6 months. This initiative will have another positive impact to the environment and on the health of guests and staff.

Ozone Wash Cleaning

Hotel L’Archipel is using various Ozone technologies for safe bacterial cleaning of food, cutlery, crockery to provide a bacteria free environment in the kitchens, whilst dramatically reducing chemical and energy usage in the kitchen by over 50%.