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New desalination plant at St Anne Resort and Spa
by STB

The much-awaited desalination plant is now operational at St Anne Resort and Spa.

Since June 21st, workers and clients of the resort are being supplied desalinated water from the plant with a capacity to treat three hundred litres of sea water daily.

The plant, which was inaugurated by Alain St Ange, the Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture, has increased the resort water production from two cubic metres per day to five cubic metres. Norbert Couvreur, General Manager of St Anne Resort and Spa, said that the plant has been built to turn the resort more autonomous in regards to water consumption.

“A year ago when the General Manager of PUC asked us to assist the corporation at becoming autonomous with regards to our water supply, our group did not hesitate for a moment to respond favourably to this request,” explained GM Couvreur.

With an additional 300 cubic metres of desalinated water for the resort and island consumption, St Anne Resort and Spa is according to Minister St Anne, pitched to the new generation of eco- friendly and self-sufficient resorts.