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Sherin Naiken appointed new Chief Executive of Seychelles Tourism Board
by STB

Sherin Naiken is the new Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, effective 1st July 2013.

Ms Naiken replaces Elsia Grandcourt who was appointed CEO of the islands’ tourism board in March 2012.

Ms Sherin Naiken, new CEO of Seychelles Tourism Board
Mrs Naiken takes up her new post after being appointed by President James Michel as the Principal Secretary for Tourism in January 2013. She said she is determined to continue from where her predecessor left and that it is important to maintain the same level of commitment in order to ensure continued success in that industry.

“Our tourism industry has been very dynamic over the past few years and I intend to uphold the same level of commitment as my predecessor and continue to build on the successes of the past to ensure the industry’s expectations are met,” said Ms Naiken on her appointment.

Mrs Grandcourt is leaving the tourism industry in Seychelles to take a high-level position in an international organisation.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange, has congratulated Mrs Grandcourt for this achievement and said her appointment is a “proud and historic moment for Seychelles”.

As CEO, Mrs Grandcourt had overseen all activities within the different departments of the tourism board, liaised with local trade and the Seychelles Hospitality Tourism Association to achieve common goals, whilst also maintaining a strong involvement in all marketing activities of various markets both at home and internationally.

She had also over the past year attended various trade fairs and shows in different international markets and represented the Seychelles Tourism Board in several meetings and tourism forums.

Anne Lafortune, formerly the Chief Executive of the Public Officer Ethics Commission, is now the new Principal Secretary for Tourism.