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Tourism Ambassador Dunlop at Living Rainforest prize-giving ceremony
by STB

The Seychelles Tourism Ambassador for Oxfordshire in UK, Georgia Dunlop, this month represented Seychelles at the debate and prize-giving ceremony of the essay competition organised by the Living Rainforest.

Ms Dunlop (right) with the grand prize winner of the Living Rainforest essay writing competition for this year
Before the presentation of prizes, there was debate for the Northern Hemisphere group.

This year, no student from Seychelles was present at the event as the Southern Hemisphere debate was held the following week in Seychelles, whereby children from countries that were not at the Northern hemisphere debate in UK and children in the Seychelles eco-school programme got a chance to put their views on the big questions facing the planet and its future.

This is the third year that the Living Rainforest, a UK based charity devoted to promoting sustainable living and preserving the rain forests of the world, has organised an essay writing competition for children in schools throughout the world. The essay writing competition was followed by an event where children attended the Northern hemisphere debate on aspects of sustainable living at the Living Rainforest.

The competition attracted 831 essays from children in 65 countries, 10 of which sent children to the debate on 27th June, where Ms Dunlop was in attendance before the prize-giving ceremony.

The debate was organised and moderated by Karl Hansen from Living Rainforest. The children were split into 4 groups: Governments, Businesses, Educators and Citizens and each group was tasked with the same question “In what way is your group responsible for the sustainable future of our planet….” They had to discuss among themselves and then list 6 key responsibilities that their group felt should be adopted and then present their results to the whole session. The debate was lively and well informed and it was no surprise that the conclusion was that all of the groups would need to contribute and work together to make a real difference to the way we live.