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Schools' photographic contest to showcase Seychelles’ diverse scenes
by STB

The 3rd edition of the schools’ photographic competition has been launched earlier this month and is aimed at encouraging youths between 12 and 16 to showcase their potential while promoting the islands as a unique tourism destination.

The contest, held under the theme "The Seychelles biodiversity … Our people … Our blue and green economies"  is jointly organised by the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) and the islands' Tourism Ambassador in Zambia, Jimmy Butt.

The organisers are on the look-out for pictures  capturing the extraordinary diversity of Seychelles, with its people of diverse ethnic origins, cultures and religions living harmoniously together.

Special emphasis is being put on images of people, sites and scenes portraying the multi-cultural aspects of Seychelles. The objective is to come up with some iconic pictures of the islands and its diverse natural assets  that “tell a story" and are powerful enough to be used as posters or other publicity material for the destination.

For this edition, the top prize has been hiked from 10,000 to 15,000 Seychelles Rupees. And who knows, the lucky boy or girl might also be shooting the picture that would propel him or her to fame.

So, get your camera and make it happen!