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Veteran artist Despilly William launches promotional DVD
by STB

(from left to right) Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture accepting a copy of Bonzour Sesel Promotional DVD with Despilly William
Veteran Seychelles’ artist Despilly William has launched a new promotional DVD containing eleven hits, amid scenes portraying the pristine beauty of the islands.

The DVD, named "Bonzour Sesel", follows months of shooting and casting and also features  an interview with the artist who is one of the Seychelles’ oldest and best known performing artists.

He began composing and singing in the 1960s and hits on the DVD include his old-time favourites such as Beau Vallon and Mardilo. The Bonzour Sesel track is actually one of his best releases of the past decade.

A copy of the DVD was presented to Seychelles’ Tourism and Culture Minister, Alain St Ange, who also features  in the interview  on the Bonzour Sesel clips.

Minister St Ange  congratulated Mr William  for this achievement, saying the promotional DVD is a good marketing tool for Seychelles.