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Seychelles garden receives thrilling success in 2013 International Garden exposition Suncheon Bay Korea
by STB

Sancheon Garden Fair
Seychelles first ever participation in 2013 International Garden exposition Suncheon Bay Korea has been crowned with thrilling success. Depicting Seychelles garden of 250 endemic floras and its emblematic Aldabra tortoises, the Seychelles stand indulged the expo visitors into a truly enriching experience of the Island Paradise.

Seychelles’ 60sqm indoor garden; the only stand of the 23 participating countries and 83 organizations to remain permanently on the expo site is seen as boost to increase Seychelles visibility on the Korean market.Whilst visitors arrival from Korea have shown remarkable growth; doubling in numbers annually since 2009, Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 is portrayed as the ideal platform for Seychelles to tap into this high end market and attract more potential visitors to its shores. 

Seychelles garden stand drew visitors to the ideal metaphor for life. The idea is when the 4,000,000 visitors of Suncheon Bay Garden Expo journey through Seychelles garden they are connecting to nature which is something that Seychelles proudly spells out, being the Garden of Eden. The hundred paintings of Seychellois children exhibited on the “Dream Bridge” in the centre of the exposition bring out Seychellois skilful talents.  Seychelles key role in the Suncheon Bay Garden Expo according to HCG Jeong and Ms Julie Kim, the Regional Manager of Seychelles' Tourism Office in Korea, “is opening up new avenues of cooperation and establishing new bond of friendship and economic cooperation between Seychelles and Korea.”

Seychelles participation in the 2013 International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay, Korea falls in the wake of President James Michel’s visit last year in Korea for the official opening of Yeosu International Expo. Seychelles goodwill relation with Korea translated in the donation in February 2013 of two giant tortoises and around 250 endemic plants representing some of the major attractions at the International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay, Korea.