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New book marking the centenary of State House
by STB

A coffee table book called “Seychelles" State House- centenary of inauguration will be released on May 6, to mark 100 years since the inauguration of this prominent national monument.
State House Jacket Spine Final

The elegant and colourful publication traces the islands' historical links with the French and British administrators in the colonial era. It continues with the modern period when State House, formerly Government House, became the focal point for the administration of 16 governors, right up to recent times and the presidencies of Sir James Mancham, France Albert Rene and James Alix Michel.

The building, built by British Governor Edward Davidson as a residence for all Seychelles' top administrators, is sited in 22 acres of garden, about 30 metres above central Victoria.

In the production being printed, a suite of images depicts various aspects of the history, evolution and architecture of the foremost office of the land.

This is complemented by a history of the building and its status over a 100-year period as a testimony of political and social changes in the islands and witness to their colourful history.

“The documentation of the history of State House is important for the history of our nation, as it catalogues the evolution of the politics, society and even the way of life through the prism of this important edifice, says Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange who has collaborated with chief Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) copywriter and consultant Glynn Burridge in producing the book.

On May 6, the day marking the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of the highest office in the land, the first copies of the commemorative edition of the coffee table book, will be presented to President James Michel at State House.