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Abu Dhabi Women’s College City Campus and Seychelles Tourism Board Abu Dhabi Office pave way for educational tourism!
by STB

For the first time, the Seychelles Embassy in Abu Dhabi participated in the Embassies Day on Tuesday 12 March, 2013 together with Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, France, Italy, Poland, South Korea and UAE at the Abu Dhabi Women’s College in an effort to promote the different destinations and cultures to the students and the expatriate lecturers at the campus. The Higher Colleges of Technology is one of the leading educational institutions in the UAE and has colleges in all seven emirates, one of which is Abu Dhabi Women’s College. This college has a student population of more than 2,300 students.

Education is one of the Seychelles Tourism Board global strategies and targeting the younger consumers through education at schools, colleges and universities is one of the strategic priorities of the Seychelles. At the same time, one of ADWC Aspirational Goals in Learning Abroad, be more culturally aware of the world around, and to actively participate in global citizenship. To help facilitate this outcome, the Student Support and Development Department organized an International Cultural Day for the Emirati students to highlight the beauty and richness of the various cultures and the tradition that surround them.

Left to right Dr Jace Hargis, Director of ADWC, Aliette Esther, Seychelles Tourism Board Abu Dhabi Office and Dr. Ewa Gajer, Learning Abroad Faculty Fellow at ADWC
The project was initiated last year between Ms. Aliette Esther our Tourism Attaché, at the Seychelles Tourism Board Abu Dhabi Office and Dr. Ewa Gajer, the Learning Abroad Faculty Fellow at ADWC.
The event was student-centred and each country set up a display booth and the South African provided drumming performance for 10-15 minutes so as to create an opportunity for cultural awareness and exchange. The Seychelles booth displayed arts, crafts, pictures, posters, brochures and national/traditional costumes. The students were involved in a trivia quest during the event and had to find out information about the exhibiting countries. At the Seychelles stand, the questions were mainly about important women in the country and the possibility of student exchange/work placement in the various sectors in the Seychelles. Students and their lecturers also had the opportunity to taste our traditional chips (banana and breadfruit), watched our promotional DVD and interact with Ms. Esther on the uniqueness of the destination.

The students expressed their thanks to exhibitors for providing them with opportunities to get to know other cultures and some of their products. “I want to go to the Seychelles for my honeymoon,” says Shaikha with a happy smile.

A number of students and lecturers are already planning to include a visit to the Seychelles in the future. The staffs and students, as well as the exhibitors, enjoyed the whole experience and felt that the objectives of the day had been achieved.

Dr. Jace Hargis, ADWC’s Director, stated, “Events like this one bring us together with people we might not otherwise interact with, and in that way, we gain some of the benefits of travel abroad. We extend our sincere gratitude to the nations who have sent their representatives to greet our students and to share the special occasion with us.”