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Carnaval International de Victoria hailed as Carnaval of Carnavals
by STB

Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Mrs Elsia Grandcourt
After a threat of bad weather, the Seychelles islands officially launched the 2013 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria with a spectacular ceremony that took place on 8th February 2013 at the international Conference Centre (ICCS).  The opening Ceremony has become a customary component of the carnival since it was initiated in 2011, building-up the momentum leading to the three days of carnival fun in the Seychelles islands.

The opening ceremony of the 2013 Carnaval International de Victoria was officially launched by the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange accompanied by the Seychelles Tourism Board Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Elsia Grandcourt.  Also attending the event were President James Michel, Vice-President Mr Danny Faure, former President Sir James Mancham, Government Ministers and including a number of national and international dignitaries.

The message by both the Seychelles Tourism Board Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Elsia Grandcourt and the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange were clear and were also received by all at the opening ceremony.

Addressing the guests, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Elsia Grandcourt gave a warm opening speech saying that she strongly believed this is another opportunity for carnival participants to display the friendship, camaraderie and spirit of co-operation so sadly lacking in today’s tumultuous world.  It was also a unique chance to show off to the watching world our respective cultures in this Seychelles carnival which also goes by the names of the melting pot of cultures and the carnival of carnivals for the manner in which it showcases the best of the world of carnival from across the globe.

“I would like to take this occasion to thank all the major sponsors of the Carnaval International de Victoria; La Reunion; Zimbabwe; Madagascar and the efforts they have expended towards making this carnival a success.  It is surely in these kinds of cross-border collaborations that the tourism of our region will flourish and we, in Seychelles, look forward to building on this co-operation,” said Mrs Grandcourt.

Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange
On the same note, Minister St.Ange’s official address, touched on the vital role of the Carnaval International de Victoria, by stating that much has been achieved in the intervening period – not only an enormous amount of organization – but most significantly the building of bridges between people all across the globe and inviting them here to be part of our carnival of carnivals and our melting pot of many cultures which make up the carnival.

“Judging by the press coverage we have received and in some cases continue to receive, our Carnival International de Victoria has captured the imagination of many for its displays, not only of colour, sound and spectacle, but also for the feel-good factor it generates in this strife-torn world of ours,” said Minister St.Ange.

He also urged everyone to participate in the carnival and to support it because perhaps there is something in the air in Seychelles which makes it ideal for a carnival: the innate romance of Seychelles islands, the backdrop of stunning natural beauty, diverse ethnicity and just good old island-style spontaneity.  Seychellois like to express their joie de vivre of this unique environment and there can be no better excuse than the Carnaval International de Victoria.

“Today we revisit that spirit of celebration as we welcome friends from the four corners of the planet to join with us to demonstrate the spirit of friendship and cooperation which underscores this carnival and which shows us what can be achieved when we adopt a policy of being ‘friends with all and enemies to none,” expressed Minister St.Ange.

When addressing the guests, Minister St.Ange made the announcement that the Seychelles tourism industry had come together and collected over SR 1 million for those who had been affected by the recent devastation which had caused severe damaged to various homes, roads and buildings.