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Seychelles Tourism Board Director in Italy elected Secretary General of ADUTEI
by STB

Monette Rose
The Seychelles Tourism Board for Italy announced during the BITM 2013 tourism trade show in Milan, Italy, that Monette Rose, the Seychelles Tourism Board Director for Italy whose office is located in Rome, was elected Secretary General of ADUTEI, the Association of Official Delegates of Tourism Abroad in Italy.

The ADUTEI has 38 country members with more than 90 tourism board members operating in Italy. It brings together official representatives of foreign countries living in Italy and supports foreign offices in Italy ensuring the promotion of their activities in Italy and providing assistance to facilitate their activities on the Italian territory.

The organization works for the benefit of all tourism boards and facilitates joining media outreach and cooperation at trade shows, seminars, and road shows to consolidate costs and extend reach.

Alain St.Ange, Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture in the Seychelles, congratulated Monette Rose and said: “This was great news for Seychelles tourism. Monette’s appointment will help increase the visibility of Seychelles as a destination in Italy.”