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Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors from around the world come together for Carnival 2013 in Seychelles
by STB

The Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors
The Seychelles Tourism Ambassador Program was  launched some three years ago to recognise Seychellois Nationals now living and working in the four corners of the world and to use their contacts and local knowledge of their new adopted country to help promote the islands. This week the Tourism Ambassadors rallied together and prepared a float in the 2013 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria that is staged annually in Seychelles.

With Maryvonne Pool who is based in Tanzania, Rita Romain-Richer from Paris France, Melton Ernesta from Jamaica, Rita Underwood from the UK, K.K. Patel from Mauritius and Donna Wallin and Audrey Bovin from Switzerland leading the way, they managed to show their spirit of togetherness as they flew the flag of each country where a Seychelles Tourism Ambassador is today accredited.  "It was refreshing to see our very own Seychellois living right around the world rally together to put up a carnival float depicting the group they all form part of. Tourism Ambassadors are our foot soldiers in well over thirty countries of the world and it I always encouraging when you see them dedicating time and money to come out to support an event such as the annual Carnaval International de Victoria" the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture said.

Minister Alain St.Ange said that the Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors needed to be congratulated for this initiative because they have done their country proud. A larger group of Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors are expecting to again join together to again march in the carnival parade at the 2014 edition o the Carnaval International de Victoria in Seychelles.