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“Carnaval International de Victoria” is back in full force: Get Ready to Samba!
by STB

Brazil will come out in full force
The Carnaval International de Victoria has become one of the country’s most popular and anticipated events. The carnaval is held each year to celebrate the diversity of cultures within this small paradise on earth. A uniquely Creole tradition makes the carnaval very diverse, not only in culture, but ethnicity and religion as well.   The Carnaval of Carnavals has gotten bigger and better each year and has brought lots of attention on the Seychelles Islands.

Over time, carnival has developed into an annual fiesta which can be found in many different parts of the world. While Brazil; Rio de Janiero, Notting Hill; London and Trinidad & Tobago, Port of Spain have been the most celebrated carnivals for centuries, surely none do so more heartily than the Seychelles Islands, as it  continues to make a splash in the world with a twist of its own.   With a Seychelles “Carnaval International de Victoria” with its splendid diversity of racial harmony and “melting pot of cultures” promises a flair of the Carnaval of all Carnavals.

The Seychelles’ “Carnival International de Victoria” is held in the centre of Victoria and each year thousands of Seychellois and tourists’ alike join together sharing good times to the sounds and sights of the carnival. Traditionally, the Carnival is held over three days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday and has been held annually since 2011 as the biggest street Carnival in Seychelles with over fifty costumed entertainers, food vendors and various bands and artists.

There are many traditions and customs associated with the three days to enjoy:bejeweled costumes, colorful headdresses,bands, entertainers, an array of dancers and world-class floats and the general feeling of celebration and revelry. The carnival is also famous for its masquerade attire, in particular with masked characters parading through the streets enjoying the fun and engaging the children. Three days of fun abound in various locations in Victoria attracting spectators to another world in the fast-paced atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind event.

Although the 2012 edition draw the largest floats, however nothing will overtake this 3rd edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria 2013. This year the carnival rivals some of the greatest colour and charisma of carnivals worldwide with international floats from some of the world’s most famous carnival countries.

This year for the first time Brazil will come out in full force, remaining true to its roots, and bringing the most intricate group of Rosas de Ouro Samba Dancers and Drummers.

While the Brazilians are showing off the hottest costumes and strutting their stuff, Notting Hill appears down the road with true Caribbean artistic flair pulling no stops for anyone and combining with Trinidad and Tobago to produce the sounds of the steel bands calypso and soca music and the spectacle of elaborate, carnival costumes.

The “Carnaval International de Victoria 2013” aims to showcase a superb combination of colourful costumes, traditional endeavour; the general feeling of celebration and rivalry. Seychelles will surely be the world‘s most dazzling city for those three days and there will be no better way to see the carnival than in down town Victoria  The carnival consists of up to over 20 different countries and cultures, as well as over 25 local participants.