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Seychelles Minister of Tourism & Culture present the National Library with copies of his two latest books entitled: ‘Seychelles, ‘The Coco-de-Mer’ and ‘Seychelles, Festival of the Sea’
by STB

Photo Caption: left to right Anne Mary Robert Principal Librarian, Alain St.Ange Minister, Olivia Alvis Designer, Glynn Burridge Seychelles Tourism Board Copywriter, Elsia Grandcourt CEO STB, Michel Agrippine Print and Production Manager
Alain St Ange, the Seychelles Minister of Tourism & Culture, has presented the National Library with copies of the newly launched coffee table books featuring the islands’ iconic Coco-de-Mer nut and the annual SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea.

Minister Alain St Ange presented the books in a small handover ceremony during a general staff meeting, which had gathered all the heads and staff from every departments of his Ministry. The meeting was held on 17th December, 2012 at the ICCS in Victoria.

Minister Alain St.Ange who initiated the publication of the two coffee table books presented the copies to the Principal Librarian, Anne Mary Robert at the National Library accompanied by the Chief Executive Officer, Elsia Grandcourt, of the Seychelles Tourism Board, who administered the production.   Three of the Seychelles Tourism Board staff was also at the ceremony as part of the production team following months of designing and editing.

The two beautifully designed, hard cover coffee table books in full colour is the work of the Minister Alain St.Ange and the Seychelles Tourism Board’s copywriter, Glynn Burridge, Print and Production manager, Michel Agrippine and Graphics Designer, Olivia Alvis.

The books are entitled ‘Seychelles, The Coco-de-Mer’ and ‘Seychelles, Festival of the Sea’ documented the unique selling points used by the Tourism Board in their promotion of the islands.

Serving as a memento to the Seychelles iconic Coco-de-Mer nut, the coffee table book ‘Seychelles, The Coco-de-Mer” gives a brief history of the coco-de-mer, the world’s heaviest seed and contains images of the seed that is unique to Seychelles. Interestingly, the book also features some historical images of the Coco-de-Mer, as well as a lovely selection of Seychelles stamps commemorating the seed.

The ‘Seychelles Festival of the Sea’ coffee table book takes readers on journey from the events infancy stage to where it is today, through a compendium of images. It also boasts images of Seychelles pristine underwater world.