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A Creole Feature Film shoots in Seychelles in the making
by STB

Minister St.Ange joined by Mr Philippe Ernesta, Mr Suraj Kumar Jaiswal and Mr Shailender Sodhi
The Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture; Mr Alain St Ange has endorsed the idea for the production of a Creole feature film.

SeyFilm International and Bioscopia Bollywood said “the film is still in its planning phases. They are working on three scenarios and are hoping that eventually one will be accepted for shooting in Seychelles.”

The project was presented to the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture at the National Culture Centre on 17th December 2012.  According to Suraj Kumar Jaiswal; a representative of Bioscopia, “is targeting over 15 million people of Creole speaking countries.”

“Production of a Creole feature film like this will create many opportunities for local talents in Seychelles. A story set in the islands told against a backdrop of your beautiful country is also likely to attract filmmakers from India and other places to film their movies in Seychelles, which will furthermore also create jobs opportunities for the Seychellois” said Suraj Kumar Jaiswal.

The making of the Creole feature film is being made possible now that SeyFilm International has joined hands with Bioscopia Bollywood paving the way for “the development of a right atmosphere and infrastructure to produce feature films and other audio visual products in Seychelles.”

In a meeting that was held at the National Cultural Centre headed by Minister St.Ange who was joined by Mr Philippe Ernesta from SeyFilm International, Mr Suraj Kumar Jaiswal and Mr Shailender Sodhi of the Bollywood Industry. Minister St.Ange supported the idea of a production of short films and mini-series based on the rich cultural heritage of Seychelles.

“Seychelles has in the past seen the filming of five Bollywood Films on the islands. Today we have welcomed back the same person who was responsible for the filming of the first Bollywood Film in Seychelles a few years ago. We have made it clear that we are ready to work with the Bollywood Film Industry to use Seychelles as the stage for some of their films. We know we have some of the best spectacular landscape and now we shall see with them how they can work to incorporate the beautiful Seychelles in some of their films” Minister St.Ange said.