Island :   Mahé Type of Event :  Cultural
Event Dates :   31 2014
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Name :   Seychelles Tourism Board
Address :   PO Box 1262, Victoria, Mahé
Tel :  +248 4 67 13 00
Fax :  +248 4 62 06 20
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Seychelles enters the world of beauty pageants.

With a world of exotic Seychellois Creole beauties to choose from, the Seychelles Tourism Board is set to launch the Miss Seychelles...another world beauty pageant.

Seychelles prides itself on its grand diversity of islands, culture, cuisine and flora & fauna and also on the diverse ethnicity of its population. The briefest stroll through the streets of Victoria or any village in the archipelago will expose the natural elegance, beauty of the Seychelloises, not to mention their exquisite dress-sense. The mixture of the races which make up the Seychellois population, particularly over recent generations, has produced exotic blood-lines and, in turn, beautiful Creole women, stunning and vivacious enough to grace any catwalk in the world.

It is this wealth of talent that the Miss Seychelles...another world beauty pageant looks to tap into, to provide the nation with a beauty queen who, by virtue of her good looks and vibrant personality, will be worthy to enter the Miss World Beauty Pageant, the planet’s most famous beauty competition that offers a world of opportunity to participants.

In addition, the future Miss Seychelles...another world will play an active role in supporting such national organisations as the Seychelles Tourism Board both at home and abroad. The winning contestant’s role will involve representing Seychelles at prestigious local events and abroad at Trade Fairs, Investment Forums and other important functions that will benefit from the presence of Seychelles’ very own beauty queen.

To download the Entry Form please click here.

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