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23 April

Poivre Atoll

Island Group :   Amirantes Group 
Population :   5
Distance from Mahé :   270km 
Area :   2.48


Some 270km southwest of Mahé and 40km to the south of D’Arros lies Poivre Atoll, famous for its attractive semi-lagoon and also for its deep-sea fishing.

The two islands that comprise Poivre atoll, Poivre and Ile du Sud, are very different in nature and separated from one another by a semi-lagoon.

Poivre was named after the Intendant of Mauritius, Pierre Poivre, who was instrumental in introducing spices from the far east into Seychelles.

Poivre is one of the oldest coconut plantations in the outer islands and this was the main source of income of a succession of individuals who either leased or owned Poivre.

There is a population of blue heron, chinese heron, greater frigate birds, whimbrels and fodys as well as lesser noddies and fairy terns. Poivre is a nesting site for hawksbill and green turtle.